Reporting on untriggered alerts

I am trying to figure out a way to report the last time each alert was triggered. I have found some of my alerts have gone defunct due to changes in the end device. A report that would show the last time an alert was triggered s the only thing I can think of to assist with the identification of these alerts.

Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Due to the alert retention period set on, i guess you can identify the devices not generated alerts in last 30 days. Use this query on event table.

    SELECT  n.Caption, n.IP_Address, EventID, EventTime, NetworkNode, NetObjectID, NetObjectValue, EventType, Message, Acknowledged, NetObjectType, TimeStamp FROM Orion.Events join Orion.Nodes n on n.NodeID=NetworkNode
    try to pull all data in a report and the use excel with vlookup, what all nodes out of you inventory not appearing in this report.
    I would recommend run this report for 2-3 month to identify the exact node not sending alerts, as a node may be healthy for 30 days w/o any issues. So its upto your logic how do you want to use it.
  • That is close to what I want, but it wasn't specific nodes not alerting, but an entire alert that wasn't functioning. It was caught after manual review of the devices during other maintenance tasks. 

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