Migrate or integrate old separate NPM and NTA server to single server

1. Windows server version and their resource ( CPU Core, RAM and HDD Details)
Old Server:: Windows 10 with Normal PC with i3 CPU, 8GB RAM 1TB HDD

New Server :: Disk :C:100GB E:160 GB, OS-MSOS-2016, RAM-16Gb

2. Share the SQL Version details if installed.
Old SQL Details::2008

New SQL Details:: Need to upgrade latest one

3.NTA and NPM Versions.
Old Version:: NPM: 11.5, NTA: 4.1

New Version:: Need to upgrade latest one.

Hi Team,

This is my exact old setup details and new server details
I don't know how to do this activity,
I suspect to 1st integrate or migrate both NPM and NTA server in single server then we want to upgrade firmware to the latest one and change the os to the new server versions and then push the backup files to the new server and also i want to use the same hostname and ip address

I has no idea about this please share your possible ways and links to perform this activity successfully.

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