Machine Types VS Hardware Details Model

Why in Solarwinds, by example,  it detect machine type as Cisco Catalyst 29xxStack  but when looking under Network view, under Hardware Details, I could see WS-C2960X-48LPD-L as the model.Why the machine type do not detect the right part number?

When I try to configure compliance policy based on the part number, it is not possible to select the Hardware Model, we could only choose the machine type that does not represent the real part number?

Any suggestion?


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  • Hmmm good question - this is one of those things that was setup many years ago now.
    We run a weekly job to "inventory" Our Cisco environment and F5.
    This is done creating a job via the NCM Jobs.
    My Dashboards
        >Network Configuration
    From there create a new job with a Job Type of "Update Inventory" then add your filters as needed.

    For the results I look under Reports / Group By Product and select the NCM Reports.
    and from the reports (Looking into how they are setup, duplicate and edit), I have been able to create reports with the information that I need.

    A good place to start is and Search for "inventory".
    HUGE amount of information and examples
    This I think, would a good starting place

    Hope this helps.

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