Monitoring VPN's status in SonicWALL NSA 240 devices with NPM

Hi guys,

My customer is asking to monitoring VPN's status from SonicWALL NSA 240 devices, from Universal Devices Poller, I've tried to add next OID's but no one is showing me VPN's status, only these shows statistics from VPN's. Could someone has tried to get VPN's status from these kind of devices?, Could you share ideas and suggestions to try in my PoC.

Thanks in advance :D

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  • Hi Stuartd,

    Actually SolarWinds team supported to me, it looks SonicWall does not have a MIB developed to get VPN's status, from UdP we saw there are some OID's to get output and input traffic, where they are mentioned like traffic encrypted and decrypted, but not more information.

    Thanks anyways for your support and availability Stuartd Slight smile

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