Identifying devices that are not sending syslog messages

Hi all!

I want to create a report that lists all the nodes and their 1 latest SysLog message for each, is this possible? I didn't see anything under available the web-based reports options, I want to know which of my nodes is not sending syslogs so I can look into fixing whatever the cause is, currently I don't know which of my nodes is sending log messages unless I manually look at each device. If SQL is the only way, I'd appreciate some help building a query because I don't have access to the DB server and I don't know what the database structure looks like for SolarWinds.

I just want the report to list all nodes with the node hostname/caption, IP address, and the last saved syslog message for the device or a count of the saved syslog entries for the node would also do; That way devices that say 0 mean no syslog entries were received from them during the retention period.

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