New Cisco Nexus devices (Routers and Core Switches) - What to enable?


My organization just purchased new Nexus routers and switches to replace our old infrastructure Juniper routers and switches. We own NPM, NCP, NTA, VNQM, and IPAM modules. Currently we are doing the bare minimum in terms of monitoring with these devices. Before these are placed into production I want to make sure they are fully configured to accomodate my monitoring from Solarwinds\Orion. I have a basic understanding of networking, but I will be working with the networking team who will pretty much do whatever I need before these devices hit production.

Can someone please advise on what I can have them configure to get the most out of these new devices? So far I had them enable NBAR2 and also create me a CLI polling account. Any other good advice? Are there any features within VNQM we can leverage?

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