Thin AP CDP neighbor alert


I have been checking the forum for this solution but I only see old posts but I am wondering if it is possible now or if anyone has found a way to achieve this.

We are trying to find a solution to include the CDP neighbor and port of the thin AP's. We now have alerting for when an AP goes down but troubleshooting is kind of hard when the AP disappears from the WLC when they go down.

That is why we want to include the CDP neighbor and port of the AP when our alert is created. Since this information is available in the WLC, im pretty sure it should be possible to include this somehow.

Has anybody found a solution for this?

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.

  • Hi fmoghimi,

    We added this to the alert message:

    ${N=SwisEntity;M=Router.Nodes.Caption} has reported its ${N=SwisEntity;M=ProtocolName} neighbour ${N=SwisEntity;M=NeighborIP} as down. 

    Hope it helps,


  • I am assuming that this will be a different alert done on the switches am i right?

    Our alerting is done through monitoring the WLC. If we do this we will have an alert from the WLC and another alert with the variables you provided or am I seeing it wrong?

    Mainly because I don't see these variables that you provided when I press the insert variable button (for example NeighborIP)

    Thank you for answering!

  • No, that text would be added to the original alert.

    Though if you are not seeing those variables then that isn't going to work. 

    Our CDP alerting is SNMP trap based, which we then process using some custom SQL to retrieve the details, and alert from there. Also we have no CDP on/from our WLCs, so I can't replicate your setup either.

    But it is worth having a look in Orion.NodeCdpEntry, as if your WLCs are in that table you will get the info you want.

    Check with the following SWQL example:

    SELECT N.Caption AS [WLC], 
           I.Name AS [WLC Interface], 
           I.Alias AS [WLC Intf Alias], 
           I.InterfaceID AS [WLC IntfID],
           NCE.IpAddress AS [Neighbour IP],  
           NCE.DeviceId AS [Neighbour], 
           NCE.DevicePort AS [Neighbour IntfName]
    FROM Orion.NodeCdpEntry NCE
    INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes N ON N.NodeID = NCE.NodeID
    INNER JOIN Orion.NPM.Interfaces I ON I.NodeID = NCE.NodeID
                                      AND I.Index = NCE.IfIndex
    WHERE NCE.NodeID = <WLC NodeID>

    That will show all the CDP neighbours for the specified <WLC NodeID> and there should be something you can and to the WHERE clause to refine it down to the CDP neighbour info of choice. 


  • The alternative is to set a DHCP reservation for your AP's based on their Root MAC address and then monitor via ICMP.

    Note that when you do this, they also appear in Orion Maps and connect them as nodes as long as the WLC is monitored and the directly connected port on the switch.

    (I'm referencing Cisco WLC's) ICMP also works for other vendors.

    Provided your port description is set to something meaningful and set to a thin-AP trunk port native vlan, works like a charm.

    suggest on the switch:

    interface description  LAP - "naming convention of LWAP"  

    Makes for network discovery a breeze (as you can set network rediscovery to only mention particular ports) and you also get the added benefit of historical utilisation for the port that the LWAP connects to and adds more weight to your Network atlas and Orion maps as well.

    This is for lightweight wireless access points.