Duplicate 'Nodes with Problems' as a custom query

I am trying to duplicate the functionality of the built-in 'Nodes with Problems' as a custom query. Specifically, I am trying to duplicate the description column where the "Node Status is <Status>" as colored and bolded, while the list of issues is on a separate line but still on the same column. I need more columns and customization than 'Nodes with Problems' offers, but I can't figure out how to duplicate it in a Custom Query widget.

Orion.NodesData StatusDescription has the full description (Node Status and list of issues), but there is no way to color code the Node Status since it displays as a solid block of text. Orion.NodeChildStatus StatusDescription just has the warnings so I can separate that out, but I'm still running into roadblocks on coloring and combining Node Status and the Warning on the same column. Any suggestions?

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  • This is what i have so far just working on the colour of the Node Status think it will need to be custom html but here is my custom SWQL for now

    SELECT '' as [ ], '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/small-' + ToString(N.StatusIcon) AS [_IconFor_ ],
    TOUPPER (caption) as [Node],n.DetailsUrl as [_linkfor_Node],
    n.StatusDescription as Description,
    TOSTRING (n.ResponseTime) + 'ms' as [CURRENT Response TIME], 
    TOSTRING (n.PercentLoss) + ' %' as [PERCENT LOSS]
    FROM orion.Nodes n
    WHERE n.Status <> '1' and n.Status <> '11'
    ORDER BY n.Status ASC

  • Thanks for trying. What I I found is Custom Queries just doesn't render HTML. You can display icons and links if the table supports it but that is about it. Custom tables do allow HTML but you lose a lot of the flexibility of a custom query. Color coding and bold/italics just aren't possible and I never figured out how to get the brief version of StatusDescription or get Status and StatusDescription within the same column like the Nodes with Problems widget has.