Thin AP mail not coming

I created the thin AP alarm and one of the APs goes UP 20 after it is down, but the reset mail does not come, I need urgent help

Thank you from now
  • First off, have you configured a default SMTP server that SolarWinds can use, and if yes, does a test email work?

    If yes, then can you post a screenshot of your trigger condition logic? And also confirm that your trigger action has a valid eMail action, with a working recipient eMail address?

  • Hi

    There is no problem in SMTP settings, when I trigger it manually, the alarm comes. When an AP is down and 20 minutes have passed, the AP reset mail does not come. but if the AP with Down is up within 10 minutes, the Reset mail comes. Doesn't come when UP duration is increased

  • Oh, and the 'condition must exist for' is a personal choice for how long it is down before alerting. So in our example...

    The WLC will be queried by SNMP every 2min
    In a WAP is down an internal clock starts
    If WAP remains down after 1hr - then it triggers the alert.

  • hi

    I created the alarm like this, but it doesn't work. If you have an alarm for the AP, can you share it with me?

  • the following part did not happen, the alarm never occurs

  • Item #1 in the screenshot below... I suggested removing this line altogether.  We don't use it in any of our Thin AP alerts (over a dozen of them for different clients).  Also. don't worry about the alarm reset, let's concentrate on the trigger first.

    Item #2 - this will trigger immediately an AP fails, and is fine if that is what you want. We always delay ours, but that is not the issue right now.

    Item #3 - did you, as I suggested above, click on this arrow, click Show SWQL, and then copy the text into SWQL studio and run it? You should get a result of all your Thins APs that are down. If you edit out the WHERE line (put -- in front) then it will show all your APs.

    If none of the above work then I STRONGLY recommend you raise a ticket with support where they can interactively look at your environment.

  • I tried all the steps and the result did not change, I opened a case in this topic, but since it has not been resolved for more than 1 month, I wanted to write it here too :(

  • Just to clarify ... the vast majority of us in THWACK are customers of SolarWinds, just like you. We are just trying to help. 

    If you have an open case then you need to follow up on that. Contact your customer sales manager and ask them to escalate it.

  • Thank you very much for your support, if you think of any other solution suggestions, we would be glad if you share them with me.

  • , as a point of clarification is the problem that the alert is not triggering or that it is triggering but the email action is not executing. Those are to separate functions within SolarWinds and has their own troubleshooting mindsets. 

    If the alert is not triggering can you describe how you are monitoring your Wireless Access Points? when you are at the trigger condition page can you click Show List next to all the objects and see what happens. Then click the radial below it and add in the criteria for Wireless Type = Thin and click the show list button and see what it says. The goal is to confirm you are alerting on the right objects types and within an additional scoping criteria that you still have actual alertable objects that match that criteria

    As an additional point saying that the Wireless Type is equal to Thin is a scoping mechanism so it really should go in the first section. The reason this is beneficial is because then based on your scope you can then validate that you have objects that meet that criteria, if you have it in the section you do have it, technically it would still fire but you lose that added validation that you might want.

    If the alert is triggering and the action is not executing see my response from earlier in this thread to identify what may be going on there.

  • I solved the problem. Actually, the source of the problem was that the incoming AP alarm was deleted after 10 minutes in active alarms, I fixed the problem by doing the following, so it started working on my alarms.

    Resolution: uncheck 'RemoveDisappearedAPs' option from the advance configuration.

    To access the advance configuration:

    http://YOUR IP OR HOSTNAME/Orion/Admin/AdvancedConfiguration/Global.aspx

  • Nice - I'm guessing support directed you at that setting as it isn't obvious. I only found ut about it when I asked support why can't I see APs that have dropped off.

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