How to fix agent connection after Poller IP/hostname change?

II have about 200 Linux VMs with active agents and several with passive.
I changed Main poller's IP and hostname. Passives are OK with it - they are still connected.
But active agents are lost now. 

I tried to generate new agent package and install it (manual installation is the only way for us for some reasons) but agent redeployment didn't help.
service swiagentd init contains correct (new) poller hostname:

SolarWinds Orion Agent (provisioning) [2020.2.6.50025] Settings, OpenSSL [OpenSSL 1.1.1k 25 Mar 2021]
0. Cancel and Exit without Saving
1. Agent Mode (1 - Agent Initiated, 0 - Server Initiated) [1]
2. Orion Poller Hostname/IP [NEWMPE01]
3. Orion Poller Port [17778]
4. Orion Username [admin]
5. Orion Password []
6. Proxy Settings... [mode=disabled]
7. Save Changes and Exit

But in the Orion I see:

How to resume a connection with active agents?

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