Comparison between AIX agent polling and agentless polling in Orion Platform products


AIX agent

AIX agentless

1 Node Name/Caption Yes Yes
2 Node Status Yes Yes
3 Response Time/Latency (ICMP) Yes Yes
4 Response Time/Latency (SNMP) No Yes
5 Response Time/Latency (Agent) Yes No
6 Packet Loss Yes Yes
7 IP Addresses Yes Yes
8 IP Address Type (IPv4 or IPv6) Yes Yes
9 Machine Type Yes Yes
10 DNS Name Yes Yes
11 Description Yes Yes
12 Location Yes Yes
13 Contact Yes Yes
14 Last Boot Yes Yes
15 Number of CPUs Yes Yes
16 CPU Usage Yes Yes
17 Individual CPU Core Usage Yes Yes
18 Memory Usage Yes Yes
19 Total Memory Yes Yes
20 Vendor Yes Yes
21 Availability Yes Yes
22 Quality of Experience (QoE) No No
23 Universal Device Poller No Yes
24 Device Studio/Custom Pollers No Yes
25 VMware Virtualization Monitoring (Basic) N/A N/A
26 Hyper-V Virtualization Monitoring (Basic) N/A N/A
27 Hardware Health No No
28 Asset Inventory No Yes
29 Real-Time Process Explorer Yes No
30 PerfStack Real-Time Polling No Yes
31 Web-Based SSH Client Partial* Yes
32 Network Interface Monitoring - SAM Yes No
33 Network Interface Monitoring - NPM No Yes
34 Real-Time Service Manager No No
35 Real-Time Event Log Viewer No No
36 Reboot Yes No
37 Routing No Yes
38 Topology No Yes
39 Linux Load Average Yes No
40 Volume Name Yes Yes
41 Volume Status Yes Yes
42 Volume Type Yes Yes
43 Volume Size Yes Yes
44 Volume Space Used Yes Yes
45 Volume Space Available Yes Yes
46 Volume Percent Used Yes Yes
47 Volume Allocation Failures No Yes
48 Volume Avg. Disk sec/Transfer (Latency) No No
49 Volume Disk queue length Yes No
50 Volume Read I/O Yes No
51 Volume Write I/O Yes No
52 Volume Total IOPS Yes No
53 AppInsight for IIS N/A N/A
54 AppInsight for Exchange N/A N/A
55 AppInsight for SQL N/A N/A
56 DHCP User Experience Monitor No Yes
57 Directory Size Monitor Yes Yes
58 DNS Monitor - TCP No Yes
59 DNS Monitor - UDP No Yes
60 DNS User Experience Monitor Yes Yes
61 Download Speed Monitor No Yes
62 Exchange Web Services UX Monitor N/A N/A
63 File Age Monitor Yes No
64 File Change Monitor Yes No
65 File Count Monitor Yes No
66 File Existence Monitor Yes No
67 File Size Monitor Yes No
68 FTP Monitor No Yes
69 FTP User Experience Monitor No Yes
70 HTTP Form Login Monitor No Yes
71 HTTP Monitor Yes Yes
72 HTTPS Monitor Yes Yes
73 IMAP4 Monitor No Yes
74 IMAP4 User Experience Monitor No Yes
75 JMX Monitor Yes Yes
76 LDAP User Experience Monitor N/A N/A
77 Linux/Unix Script Monitor Yes Yes
78 MAPI User Experience Monitor N/A N/A
79 Nagios Script Monitor Yes Yes
80 NNTP Monitor No Yes
81 ODBC User Experience Monitor Yes Yes
82 Oracle User Experience Monitor No yes
83 Performance Counter Monitor N/A N/A
84 POP3 Monitor No Yes
85 POP3 User Experience Monitor No Yes
86 Process Monitor Yes No
87 Process Monitor - Windows N/A N/A
88 RADIUS User Experience Monitor No Yes
89 Service Status - SNMP N/A N/A
90 SMTP Monitor No No
91 SNMP Monitor Yes Yes
92 SOAP Monitor Yes Yes
93 SQL Server User Experience Monitor N/A N/A
94 SSL Certificate Expiration Date Monitor No Yes
95 TACACS+ User Experience No Yes
96 TCP Port Monitor Yes Yes
97 Tomcat Server Monitor Yes Yes
98 VMware Performance Counter Monitor N/A N/A
99 Web Link Monitor No Yes
100 Windows Event Log Monitor N/A N/A
101 Windows PowerShell Monitor N/A N/A
102 Windows Script Monitor N/A N/A
103 Windows Service Monitor N/A N/A
104 WMI Monitor N/A N/A
105 Application Dependency Mapping No No
106 Push Deployment - Add Node Yes N/A
107 Mass Deployment - Push from Web Yes N/A
108 Manual Installation Yes N/A
109 Pull Deployment - wget/curl/etc. Yes N/A
110 Mass Deployment - GPO/MSI No N/A
111 Mass Deployment - Puppet/Chef Yes N/A
112 Deployment via Repository Yes N/A