MIB support for INPUT-ALARM on IR1101 ios 17.03.03

Hello all 

I've just started a project involving some Cisco IR1101 units and have come across an issue with ios 17.03.03

I'm attempting to use SNMP traps from the routers for the physical alarm input port labelled "AA"


In wiring a simple switch to test I can get the IRR1101_ALARM_CONTACT-0-EXTERNAL state ASSERTED and this shows up in the logs on the router. I've found a MIB group which I believe is the status for this contact  called CISCO-ENTITY-ALARM-MIB on the Cisco Feature Navigator site, however it only shows support for this MIB on older versions of ios for the IR1101, there is no record for support on  v17.03.03. 


Within NPM I can find the MIB, drill down to the CiscoEntiryAlarmAsserted / AlarmCleared OIDs, and test these against the IR1101 but it comes back with unsupported. 


has anyone used the physical ALARM input on the IR1101 before, and if so is that the correct MIB for SNMP traps that looks to be unsupported specifically on ios 17.03.03?


many thanks for any help