Creating Report: Re-Indexed Interfaces

Reports are one of the powerful tools of Orion Platform.  Proper usage of these tools gives deep insight and Monitoring awareness to Users. Re-Indexed Interfaces one of the useful report used in SolarWinds Environment.

Creation of Re-Indexed Interfaces

  • Select Manage reports

  • Create New Report.
  • Click Get started.

  • Select Reports
  • Custom Table

  • Add Content.

  • Here Under selection 3 Options are available.
  • Dynamic Query Builder
  • Dynamic Query Builder
  • Advanced Database Query

  • Can choose basic Sector or Advanced Sector.
  • Click the Dropdown Menu next to “ I want to report on.”

  • Interface is selected for this Lab Testing

  • Provide the selection Name.
  • Click on Add Condition.

  • Advanced Selector Option is used.
  • AND Condition is used.
  • Click on Select Field

  • Interface Index is selected.

  • Condition is given as “Interface Index is Less than 0”
  • Add to Layout.

  • Add Column

  • Under Orion Object Select Node
  • Caption Selected from Node

  • Rearrange the Columns
  • Rename the Caption. ( Node Caption as Node Name & Interface Caption as Interface Name )

Use Preview resource to check how this report looks like.

  • Click Submit
  • Add report Name

  • Click Next
  • Add required Properties

  • Here Report Category Can be defined. Also, Report Limitations can be applied.
  • Click Next
  • Set Schedule report
  • Click Next
  • Summary

  • View Report