How to Create Network Utilisation Map?

Thanks for anyone's help in advance as I am struggling with my first attempt at creating a network map.

So on our main Solarwinds dashboard we have a piece which shows the network utilisation of our various site MPLS links. This is the overall utilisation of the link from all sources.

I wanted to reflect this on a network map but it seems to be no easy task. So I wanted a line from each of our offices to the MPLS which would reflect the values shown above? Red at over 90% total utilisation, yellow over 80 and green if less than 80.

It seems that the line must go to an endpoint in order to generate a value but the MPLS doesn't work like that. So is there any way that I can recreate the above on a network map? Any thoughts/guidance would be much appreciated.

Solarwinds is clearly catching what I want but I'm just not sure how to display it.

  • Hi there, 

    First off, from your images it looks like you are using the Network Atlas mapping software that is currently in the process of being deprecated by the developers. Depending on your version, you should have the Orion Maps option in the All Settings page which will allow you to create maps entirely through the web console. 

    That being said, you can do what you are looking for with Network Atlas still, however after some time you may have to do it all again once it is fully deprecated.

    Follow step 6 here to have the status of the link change based on an interface:

    Follow these steps to have the link utilization displayed on the map:

    And here are the instructions for the Orion Maps software:

    Here is what it will look like in Orion Maps:

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  • Hi Marlie,

    Thank you ever so much for your insight.

    Firstly I've decided to take your advice and move over to Orion Maps. No point starting in the Network Atlas if it's all going away. So I've uploaded a map image and started to mess around but there's a lot of information to read.

    One of the problems that I have is that we have about 50 sites. So if I were to do a map in the way you're suggesting I could potentially have a line from each site to every other site in the organisation which I think could look congested to say the least.

    As I said before, we have the following piece on our dashboard which immediately flags saturated links and for example the CLA receive link as 96% and saturated.

    Through orion maps it sees the same information but I have to hover over the object before it will show me the stats. Otherwise the site interface just shows as green, basically saying it's up which masks the high utilisation.

    Is there any way to change the icon so it would instead show green for low network utilisation and red for high? Just as it does in the diagram above. Rather than green for up and red for down.

    I think I have a lot of reading to do and I also think I am probably doing something outside of the norm for a network flow map.

    Something I also keep reading is that I need to have topology layer 2 and 3 selected on the resources for a given node but I seem to only have the layer 2 available?

    Thanks again for your help. It's much apprecaited.