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Using a network discovery to add volumes for monitoring

We have hundreds of Agent-polled nodes and I want to add Swap space monitoring for them.
This is important: nodes are already Agent-polled.
Unfortunately, "List Resource" button is hidden if I check several nodes:

This is example of bad UX, where I can't use ordinary feauture without any reason.

Likely, you will suggest me to use Network Discovery, but it doesn't work well.

My step-by-step course of action:

1. Settings > Network Discovery

And the first question: how can I add nodes here automaticly (for example based of NodeRole or NodeOwner custom property)?
I have no list if IP's for my dozens nodes.
Manual filling IP addresses is nonsense. 

2. Next, Next, Next

3. "Manually set up monitoring" (because I don't want to add volumes other than Swap space): 

4. Yes, run:

5. Waiting some time

6. Results (5/5 nodes found - I wouldn't have the patience for 250 IP's)


And the second question: Why are they "net-snmp - Linux"? They are Agent-polled nodes.

7. I don't need any network interfaces, so ucheck all:

8. Volumes. Let's check only "RAM", because Swap space is in this category.


9. Next, Next, Next

10. Results:

Skipped, not processed. That's pretty suspicious, hm?

11. Finish

12. Let's check these 5 nodes, shall we?

First one:

No tick!


No tick!


No tick!



No tick!


No tick!

So question is the same: how to add volumes for several (dozens/hundreds) nodes simultaneously?

  • btw today I had a webex with, they tried to perform a discovery to add 'swap space' volumes.
    Because of these actions I have about 200 FULL-checks hosts now:

    This is a bit weird (firstly because doesn't know what he's doing Open mouth and secondly because our poller is overloaded now).

    How to fix this for all 200 nodes?
    I'd like to monitor only certain resources, not all:

  • Hi there, 

    You can un-manage these by running these queries in order:


    First, un-tick all of the pollers whose volumes don't match the name 'Swap Space':

    --Make a backup of your DB before running ANY UPDATE/DELETE commands
    UPDATE [dbo].[Pollers] p
    INNER JOIN [dbo].[Volumes] v on v.VolumeID = p.NetObjectID 
    SET p.Enabled = 'False'
    WHERE p.NetObjectType = 'V'
    AND v.VolumeDescription <> 'Swap Space'

    Second, remove all volume objects that are were unticked from the first query:

    --Make a backup of your DB before running ANY UPDATE/DELETE commands
    DELETE FROM [dbo].[Volumes] v
    Select * from volumes v
    INNER JOIN [dbo].[Pollers] p on v.VolumeID = p.NetObjectID 
    WHERE p.NetObjectType = 'V' and P.Enabled = 'False'

    Finally, remove the un-ticked pollers from the poller table (This is optional as I think the database maintenance would sort this out overnight):

    --Make a backup of your DB before running ANY UPDATE/DELETE commands
    DELETE FROM [dbo].[Pollers] p
    WHERE p.NetObjectType = 'V' and P.Enabled = 'False'

    Kind regards,

    Marlie Fancourt | SolarWinds Pre-Sales Manager

    Prosperon Networks | SolarWinds Partner since 2006

    If this helps answer your question please mark my answer as confirmed to help other users, thank you!

  • You need to be very careful with discoveries... running this (especially with auto-import) can cause horrible consequences for your Orion environment by adding interfaces, volumes, nodes, pollers and/or applications or more to your setup without you wanting it to. They need to be scoped appropriately and always testing by limiting your scope first.

    - that's spot on. I'd only add that there's more than one way to skin a well you know. :) I prefer the API if I can and fall back to SQL if there's no API means to do what I need to do.

    If interfaces were added you may need to do a similar query for those as well to remove.

    Here's a SWQL query (note SWQL... not SQL) that you could utilize to pull all the interface and volume netobjectid's of recently added ones.

    SELECT e.NetObjectID, e.Message, e.EngineID, e.EventTime, e.EventType, et.Name
    FROM Orion.Events AS e
    INNER JOIN Orion.EventTypes AS et ON et.EventType = e.EventType
    WHERE e.EventType IN ( 16, 202 )
    -- AND e.EventTime > '2021-11-01 00:00:00.000'
    ORDER BY e.EventTime DESC

    Hope you make it through this, there's light at the end of the tunnel we promise!


  • Thank you. I have a question about this step:

    Second, remove all volume objects that are were unticked from the first query:

    If I untick these volume pollers on previous step, is it mandatory to remove them?
    As I understand, volumes will stop polling after first step - am I right?

  • And one more question - are you sure about syntax?

    UPDATE [dbo].[Pollers] p

    Validator tells me Incorrect syntax near 'p'.

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