Using a network discovery to add volumes for monitoring

We have hundreds of Agent-polled nodes and I want to add Swap space monitoring for them.
This is important: nodes are already Agent-polled.
Unfortunately, "List Resource" button is hidden if I check several nodes:

This is example of bad UX, where I can't use ordinary feauture without any reason.

Likely, you will suggest me to use Network Discovery, but it doesn't work well.

My step-by-step course of action:

1. Settings > Network Discovery

And the first question: how can I add nodes here automaticly (for example based of NodeRole or NodeOwner custom property)?
I have no list if IP's for my dozens nodes.
Manual filling IP addresses is nonsense. 

2. Next, Next, Next

3. "Manually set up monitoring" (because I don't want to add volumes other than Swap space): 

4. Yes, run:

5. Waiting some time

6. Results (5/5 nodes found - I wouldn't have the patience for 250 IP's)


And the second question: Why are they "net-snmp - Linux"? They are Agent-polled nodes.

7. I don't need any network interfaces, so ucheck all:

8. Volumes. Let's check only "RAM", because Swap space is in this category.


9. Next, Next, Next

10. Results:

Skipped, not processed. That's pretty suspicious, hm?

11. Finish

12. Let's check these 5 nodes, shall we?

First one:

No tick!


No tick!


No tick!



No tick!


No tick!

So question is the same: how to add volumes for several (dozens/hundreds) nodes simultaneously?

  • So there's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to re-discovering existing agent monitored nodes and some notable points that help...

    • Don't add any addresses to the discovery (this is the biggest hangup / UI fail) - you MUST have an address. I put a single address thats blackholed on the subnet or you could do localhost.
    • Agent discoveries are tied to the polling engine the discovery profile is assigned ( 3 engines require 3 separate profiles to rediscover all agents )
    • See the Agents tab in the discovery to configure agent discoveries selection criteria
    • You must check the poll / scan for existing agent polled nodes on the agents tab when configuring your discovery to scan them (this will enable some dynamic selection ... keep in mind its specific to that engine and NOT looking at all nodes)

    Your nodes are showing as net-snmp because your scanning them remotely via snmp (by providing the ip addresses) so the linux agent monitored nodes likely are not restricting their snmp traffic to its own localhost which is usually suplemental of the agent itself (linux agent nodes allow for additional snmp creds to be supplied)

    If you disable that duplicate detector or also enable duplicate nodes you'll end up with just that... duplicate nodes which is likely not what you intended.. e.g. server-xyz monitored via agent and server-xyz monitored via snmp as well.

  • Thank you, Network Discovery has become clearer to me

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