Report for nodes that are not polling correctly

I am wanting to create a report for nodes that are not polling correctly.

This can be defined a few different ways. A node not polling correctly could be:

  1. Not updating the database after a period of time
  2. Stuck in an unknown status
  3. Interfaces, volumes, etc stuck in an unknown status

Am i missing anything? What else should be included in this report?

  • Hi there, 

    What you have looks good so far - my personal preference would be to also include ICMP nodes, as for most things you SHOULD be monitoring more than just latency and packet loss.

    For the first point, I've found this is a pretty good query to look at devices that haven't had an uptime poll go through:

    SELECT Nodes.Caption, Nodes.NodeID FROM Nodes
      status not in (2,9,11) AND  ObjectSubType <> 'ICMP'
     AND DATEDIFF(MINUTE, LastSystemUpTimePollUtc, getUTCdate()) > (StatCollection * 3)

     It basically checks to see if the system up-time poll date is greater than 3 statistic collection intervals ago. (I pulled this from an alert, but it should be fine for the report too)

    Let me know how you get on. 

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