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Is it possible to monitor asa tunnel up/down status in Orion?

Is it possible to monitor asa tunnel up/down status in Orion? I would like to get details on when a tunnel went up and down and all historical up/down data.

The Site-to-Site gives some data but not historic. It just shows last time it changed.


  • Short answer is yes.

    Slightly longer answer is find the 'out of the box' ASA site to site alert, duplicate & edit, and adjust as necessary to your environment. You may need to enable CLI |Polling Settings on the node [edit properties]

  • Thanks .. Are there any instructions on how to do that? CLI polling is already enabled but I am not sure what you mean by duplicate and edit the alert.

    I do see the Site to Site section when I go into the ASA node details. It only shows last update but not all historic up and downs. 

  • Either head to alerts and then top right click 'manage alerts' - or - go to Settings > All Settings and find manage alerts.

    Then find (search is easiest) the Alert called "ASA site to site VPN Tunnel down", put a tick next to it and click on the duplicate and edit button that should now be enabled.

    Then just edit the alert to suit your environment. If you've never done this before then I can only suggest either reaching out to your account manager or logging in to your customer account portal and searching out some of the how to videos and/or classes (for e.g.,Product%20Training,Product%20Walkthrough,SolarWinds%20Lab%20Bits,THWACKcamp&searchTerm=alerts ).

    If you have a simple environment - and by this I mean you don't have multiple different clients then maybe just try duplicating and enabling the out-the-box alert and see what you get.

    If OTOH you don't want alerts, just want to know what's happening, then for historic up/downs you'll need to head over to the message centre / events - but as I understand it, you will need to have an active alert (even if it doesn't trigger an alarm)  for anything to appear here. Alternatively you could create a report.

    Apologies if any of the above is a suck egg moment, but in my early days I really needed this type of response and wasn't getting it.

  • You'll get this as its an out of box alert and so what they mean is that you will need to duplicate it and change the name so that it becomes editable and useable for you.

    Edit Alert

    This is an out-of-the-box alert. You can only add Trigger/Reset actions or Time of Day settings for this alert. Conditions can't be changed.

    1. Alert Properties

    Name of alert definition (required)

    Description of alert definition
    Displayed on Manage alerts page.

    Enabled (On/Off)
    ON This field can be edited.