Report/Query to pull the monitoring details

Hi All,

Is there a way to pull all the monitoring components (Devices, CPU, Memory, Disk, Interfaces and etc.) report/query in SolarWinds NPM?

Please help me with the reference to such a report or a query.

Thank you.


  • Hi Rajashekar,

    Are you just wanting a list of the different aspects of your nodes?

    Certainly you can create a basic 'node' report to give name, IP address, etc - it all depends on how granular you want or need it to be. For example, I've just put together a simple report that will list node name (aka Caption); IP, number of CPU's, and total RAM. However, it really depends on what you want and I deliberately left off interfaces. As these could easily cause duplication so you'd need to go and look and decide what you need.

    Personally I wouldn't add interfaces into a basic inventory report, and you'd need to be very careful which one you do use. From a quick look, I can't see anyone of the resources that just shows the number of interfaces - so any report would show a lot of duplication... i.e. one line for each interface in the device.

    All that said... go to new report, custom table. In the 'Add Content' box either just click 'add to layout' or define your selection. Once done, click on 'add column' and search for and add any aspect you want but bear in mind not all resources work with each other, and as pointed out above could seemingly give duplication.