How to map neighboring device on Orion

This Neighbor Map gadget is used to discover devices on your network using CDP and LLDP.

Configuration Steps

  1. Click Gadgets > Tools > Discovery Tools, and then drag the Neighbor Map gadget to a tab.
  2. To configure the gadget with devices that have already been added to Workspace Studio, drag your devices from the Devices tab on the explorer pane to the Hosts field.
  3. To configure the gadget with a device that is not in the explorer pane, enter the IP address or hostname of the device you want to target in the Hosts field.
  4. Select or enter the number of hops you want to scan in the Hop Count list.
  5. To modify the settings of the Neighbor Map gadget prior to creating your map, complete the following:
    1. Click, and then click Gadget Settings.
    2. From the Discovery Protocol list, select the protocols you want to use.
    3. Enter the maximum number of neighbour discoveries that can be outstanding at a specific time in the Maximum Outstanding Discoveries field.
    4. Click the ICMP Settings tab.
    5. Adjust any of the ICMP settings you want to change
    6. To use a custom ICMP packet payload, enter the ICMP packet payload string you want to use in the ICMP Packet Payload text box.
    7. Click OK.
  6. Click Create Map.
  7. If you want to export your neighbour map, complete the following:
    1. Click, and then click Export Map.
    2. Enter a file name, and then select a file format from the Save as entering a list.
    3. Click Save.

Link to source: Neighbor Map (