Network Overview

Can I recreate Network overview page and customize it to show particular group of nodes with all interface status?

  • Yes you can easily create a Network Overview Page in a variety of ways. Using Custom Properties will be an important concept to allow you to filter on those particular elements you want on this specific dashboard. Top XX widgets, Orion Maps Widget, Custom Table, Custom Chart, and PerfStack Widgets are some that I would recommend utilizing. If you can be a bit more specific around what you are looking to do, we may be able to provide further detail. 

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I'm actually trying to recreate the "Network Overview" dashboard where it shows all the nodes and the problematic interfaces along with it. But i cant find a way to create a similar dashboard as there is no option to customize the same. Please see the below format.

  • I would actually recommend using Orion Maps. Take a look at the "Parting Shots" examples in this post: An Orion Map to Success

    These are just general examples, but thats the power of this feature! You could certainly recreate this exact view if truly desired. I will try and mock an example up if I get time.