How to monitor through ICMP nodes from 2 different locations with the same IP address ?


Perhaps someone could help me to understand how to monitor the nodes in the following environment:

I have one main Orion Engine in a DC and many remote sites.

On several sites, I have some specific manufacturing machines that should be monitored through ICMP only. 

These machines are on a specific VLAN and have no routable IP Addresses.

So, the main Orion Engine could not ping them directly.

In addition to that, IP address range for these machines in Site 1 could be the same as in Site 2.

My idea was to use ROP setup locally that will be able to ping all machines and send back the information to the main Polling engine.

But, what about the fact that the IPs could be the same.  I think Solarwinds required to use distinct IP for nodes. Is it correct ?

Anyone get also similar issue ?