New Maps Object Alignment?

Hi all,

Is there any way to align the objects on the New Orion Maps (2020.2), as this was a handy feature in Atlas to have selected objects aligned vertically, or horizontally.

I know there's the grid snapping function, and distribute into an array, but if I have two standalone objects am I able to select them, and align them to each other? 

many thanks! 

  • This is an important feature that was close in previous releases but did not make it in unfortunately. Certainly have plans to do so. Functions such as Align as well as Distribute can be helpful in expediting the creation of a map. It may be beneficial to create a Feature Request if you are able to do so, however this is a well understood and known request as well. 

  • Thank you jblankjblank for the response. It's most definitely a feature I require when building such custom maps using custom graphics. 

    I will have a look for an existing feature request post unless you have a link to one, alternatively as you suggest I will raise one myself. 

    thanks again. 

  • I recommend creating one - I haven't seen one specifically in Thwack - this however is one that I have seen come up in my typical customer conversations. 

  • I never really liked the align feature in network atlas it used to cause me headaches when it auto aligned things I didn't want to be auto aligned.  9/10 times I'd have to manually align things. I like the new Orion maps because I can hold down the shift key and select the nodes I want to select and then drag them out of the way to a section of the page and then construct my diagram of nodes the way that I would similarly in Visio. Then I can alter the icons and change the icon sizes using the multiple selection shift key method too.

    You know what I'd really like to see? A snap to object function so that when I put surrounding boxes on my icons to signify they are all part of a greater service it looks better. Also I'd like to be able to adjust the size of the boxes I put things into without typing it into the size field and clicking the little padlock and lastly I'd like boxes to align properly as I often spend ages moving things around to make my dashboards fit into views properly.


  • Many thanks - I have submitted a Feature Request HERE for any other users wanting a link from this forum post


    Whilst this feature is useful, we don't actually miss it, we just align the nodes using the x,y co-ordinates to get nicely lined up maps like the ones attached.

  • Thanks for the feedback ! And love the example maps!

  • Thanks for the feedback ! And yes, grab handles would be ideal, but a bit more difficult to implement I'm afraid. Certainly an improvement that makes sense. I could use a bit more elaboration on your "Snap to Object" function. When you say "snap", it sounds like you may be looking for some sort of connection/ relationship drawn. Could you clarify? And when you say boxes to align properly, I could use a bit more detail around the pain points there also. For alignment specific scenarios, are you all looking for the objects or entities to align based on the center of the object, or the left side/ right side of the object?

  • When I say snap to object I just mean you can assign icons and a title to a rectangle with nice rounded egdes and they all stay with that rectangle. The rectangles often don't line up and I spend ages trying to make them fit nicely together on the screen it often ends up looking like a game of dominos. I would be happy with centre alignment inside rectangles.