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I am having difficulties trying to get a pie or donut chart created with data that shows the total number of AnyConnect VPN clients on specific AnyConnect Client versions. If anyone has a good SWQL query that can pull this type of data I would appreciate it. I tried using the graphical query builder and could not figure out a way to get a value for VPN RA Session ClientInfo, Thanks!

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  • Unfortunately, that is not what I am looking for. I already have KPI widgets created for each of my AnyConnect VPN regions that show total users connected. What I need is a proportional widget with either a pie or donut chart that shows total number of clients by AnyConnect Client Version. For example I would like to see total number of users that are using AnyConnect version 4.8.01090 and users that are using AnyConnect version 4.9.05042. I have a table that shows client versions to each user but would like this data aggregated into a pie or donut chart.