NPM - Other Trap outputs besides SNMP

I'm setting up SolarWinds NPM and need to send traps/notifications received on NPM output to another system.

The other system is homegrown and does not know SNMP at all.

Are there any other output options besides SNMP? 

Thank you!

  • Main questions is, what is the other system going to do with the event?  That will be a determining factor in format and method in which it arrives.

    You can write the event to a logfile on the other system via several methods.  There is a remote execution of a script or process on  the other system, etc.  

    Once you help with what is going to be done with it helps to determine possible solutions.

  • The homegrown software is a monitoring system for a satellite network. There will be operators that monitor that for position, potential collision alerts, etc. They would like these operators to also have a view into the network when issues occur so they know what is going on and who to page. I suggested giving the operators a dashboard view of NPM, but they wanted to know if there were other options.


  • They would be much better off with a view into NPM so they can get better data and not have to rely on an intermediate step to get events across. SNMP is not a guaranteed method to pass alerts/events as it's protocol is at the bottom of the stack as far as priority and is the first to get dropped if things get busy.  With NPM you can have contact info associated with each node/object and when conditions return to normal, the nodes alert status returns to normal.  You can also automate responses to events, produce graphs,  show parent/child relationships, etc.  A simple event sent over will not have the detail needed and would still require them to look elsewhere for more info.