Netbox Circuit sync with NPM

Is anyone using Netbox to track circuits and then have it sync with NPM as a custom field under and interface or node?

  • Does netbox discover something for the circuits that you don't get from NPM? I don't use Netbox so I don't have that half the story. 

    I do track Circuit data that isn't discoverable in Orion using Custom Properties. In my case they just update a spreadsheet which gets imported. I wouldn't track that data 2 places if its entered manually, just put it where you need it the first time. You obviously can script regular imports from external data sources if you think that Netbox is the right place, but its always harder to keep 2 things current. 

  • netbox is just a fancy spreadsheet, however it allows us to decom and circuit and keep it for historical purpose. The idea would be have someone enter the circuit in netbox and then have it feed to the correct interface in Orion.

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