Network availability report and event correlation

 Good day,

Is there any easy way to tie event correlation with node availability in a report? In example, if you are running daily network availability reports and need to manually report on any node that is less than 100.00% average availability is there a way to automatically pull in details pertaining to the reasoning as to why the node was less than 100% available?

I have attached a sample of the way the current report is generated.

Report example.xlsx
  • Hi, have the same requirement, did you manage to get the report?

  • I dont think there's really an "Easy" way, but perhaps something like:

    3 part report (pseudocode)

    1st part - main availability report:

    Select [whatever details you want] from orion.nodes n where [device scope] and


    n.availabilitydetails.timestamp > adddays(getutcdate(), -30)


    n.availabilitydetails.timestamp < getutcdate() [or end-of-report-date]


    Probably with a window function of some sort like ORDER and PARTITION, i'll call that last bit [date scope]

    2nd part - Node events matching those on availability report with downs:

    Select top x [Event details] from


    [1st part]


    [availability] < '100'


    left join e on a.nodeID = e.netobjectID


    [date scope]


    e.netobjecttype like 'N'

    ORDER by NodeID, Timestamp

    3rd part

    [something like 2nd part but bringing in other objectypes, out of time to think about how that'd work today]