Unexpected Website Error

Dear all,

I have upgrade from 2017 to 2020.2.1 HF2 (latest version). 

Once login to the website, it stated with the error 'Unexpected Website Error' , One or more error occurred.

Save error report locally. Return to Home.

I have read the report it stated

ErrorSite: System.Core.QueryTaskGroupState.QueryEnd

ErrorType: System.AggregateException

I am unable to click to every single 'button' (My dashboard, Alerts & activity, reports and setting) and it keep appearing the above error. 

Both of my server encounter the same issue. I have rerun the config wizard and is successful Completing the Orion Configuration Wizard..  

  • After what had appeared to be a relatively successful migration I too have found this error on all of the nodes monitored (a bit less than 2700) - again going from the 2017 Platform to the 2020.2.1 Platform. A minority of the nodes (about 3%) signal a false positive down state as well.

    Might a Configuration Wizard database repair be worth a try?

    (Have requested assistance on this from Solarwinds support.)

  • Hello.. 

    Try a few times to run the cong wizard but stil unable to display the image.

    I am able to login with the URL but keep appearing the error.

    Support have been helping me to resolve, but to date is still remain the same.