Execute external Python script from NPM


I'm new with Python but succeeded to write Python script with tk (python with GUI),

I want to install Python on my Orion server (windows) and execute the script from NPM, i saw that I can run external script from alert action and with SAM but this is not the case

This script open GUI window with embedded juniper show commands, and I what to be able to run this from NPM the same way i can open SSH or Https to the device from orion node

Is it possible ?



  • What are you attempting to accomplish with this script?

    Is this in response to an event or just a periodic check of values?

    In what form is the output?

    Do you do anything with the output?

  • The goal is to create button on NPN summery node, and from there run the scripn

    It should not be response to an event,

    The scenario is when i open the npm summery and i want to run some show command i will be able to execute the python (which will be located on orion server) script from the npm summery screen, same way i can do SSH or Https from npm