ASA interface label issue.

Does anyone know how to remove the prefix label "Adaptive Security Appliance" from my Cisco interface labels?

All my Cisco 5500X devices are showing these ports labelled as adaptive security appliance.

I'm sending this data to a trap for an alert so I just need to get rid of this ASA bit...


Answers will be appreciated very much. Thanks!

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    Even in the demo site it looks like the only way to get rid of this rather annoying prefix is to edit the interface description in SolarWinds which means i've got to go through and edit every single interface. I've found that the IfName field in the DB contains the actual information I need about the port name without the extra prefix. So problem solved. Thanks to Clyde Rebello for his help resolving this one!

  • The 'Adaptive Security Appliance' is something that solarwinds stitches together with the interface description to display a logical resource name. You should get more columns to alert on in the interface table on the database. (IfName.Interfaces)

  • Thanks. I will check this out too. We have a down ASA device and together had this interface as well.