Windows Volume Disk Drive Letter

Is there any property of a volume that contains the windows disk drive i..e C:\ and not the value in the format <drive letter> 'LABEL: <SERIAL number> stuff also?

  • The DeviceId column in Orion.Volumes looks to be what you are looking for:


    Depending on your use case, you could either use SWQL to query Orion.Volumes or you could use ${DeviceId} directly in the web console.

  • Thanks  ! Really useful. Had a look at this general SWQL query lists the all fields for FixedDisk and mount-points (I should have included mount points as we use them):

    SELECT TOP 1000 VolumeId, Status, Caption, RawCaption, FullName, StatCollection, VolumeIndex, VolumeType_Value, VolumeType, PollingType_Value, PollingType, VolumeDescription, DeviceId, DiskSerialNumber, InterfaceType, VolumeSize, VolumeSpaceUsed, DiskQueueLength, DiskTransfer, DiskReads, DiskWrites, TotalDiskIops, RelatedNode, RequestInventory, PollState_Value, PollState, AgentId, AgentOsType, EngineId, Id, DisplayName, Description, InstanceType, Uri, InstanceSiteId
    FROM Cortex.Orion.Volume
    WHERE VolumeType = 'FixedDisk' or VolumeType = 'MountPoint'

    Note:  I often wonder why the thinking behind the decision to treat physical/virtual memory as a volume was with Solarwinds?!

    The main fields that would hold the window Drive Letter on its own or with other data are

    So, RawCaption looks like the field to user to account for both MountPoints and Drive Letters. Here's a more concise query:

    SELECT TOP 1000 VolumeId, Caption, RawCaption, DeviceId,FullName, VolumeType, VolumeDescription
    FROM Cortex.Orion.Volume
    WHERE VolumeType = 'FixedDisk' or VolumeType = 'MountPoint'
    ORDER BY RawCaption