UNDP non aggregate chart

I created a custom UNDP poller and followed steps to set label from table in this discussion.



I don't get the individual zone graphs but the aggregate only. I want individual graph. Below are screenshots of my config.

UNDP created and labels assigned


Selected UNDP chart and node


Only option here is for aggregate chart, which i think is stopping it from not displaying individual values of each zone.


This is the chart i get and not for individual zones, which is what this MIB is for and labels test does show all the zones.


And these are the options i see for universal charts


  • I can see the individual values in custom chart aswell


    And chart gives unrelated data when doing the same. I have tried selectin poller ID in node selection in one and Display name in other for datasource. All i get is unrelated data message/blank and even the link to current statics is missing entirely.