How to change bulk IP address in NPM?

How to change bulk IP address in NPM?
  • Attached the template for modifying the Bulk IP's. Below are the steps to use BulkIP template.

    1. Mention Your Old and New IP's in column B & E.
    2. Formula in Column G will automatically populate the update query.
    3. Copy all values from column G and paste in notepad.
    4. Copy all query's from notepad and paste in column H.
    5. Verify all values IP in column B &E are correctly showing in query rows.
    6. Copy values from column G and run queries in Database.
    7. verify IP updated showing in webconsole(Search node with new updated IP).

  • If you are looking to update other fields, and not the IP itself, I use the following in the DB Manager

    The example below searches for any 3rd octect, if 4th is 1-3 ( used this to update all the Cisco VRRP IP subnet descriptions)

    SELECT IPNodeID, IPAddress, Alias, DNSBackward, sysName, Location, Comments FROM [dbo].[IPAM_Node] WHERE IPAddress like '10.102.%.[1-3]'

    Enable table editing and copy and paste the updated information.

    If you are looking for other custom IPAM fields to update it would be similar to the below, you could use a join command with the above, as the below relies on the IPNodeID

    SELECT * FROM [dbo].[IPAM_NodeAttrData] WHERE IPNodeID = '80052' or IPNodeID = '444005' or IPNodeID = '446053'