Acknowledge Alert and update Alert Notes with Result from Alert Trigger Powershell script

(I moved this to a new post as my first post was solved successfully and to avoid confusion. )

In a separate thread I noted the success I have with creating incidents in BMC Remedy 9.1.04 from an Alert Trigger Action using a Powershell script.  I have an additional requirement to Acknowledge the Alert and add the Incident number to the Alert Notes.

The Incident number is stored in $response.values and is displayed when I run the script from a Powershell window.  Please advise how I can add the value for $response.values to the Alert Notes from the same script in addition to the acknowledge command.  I am aware of "ack" to acknowledge and I think it's "AlertDetails" for Alert Notes but not sure how to use within the script.  In addition, I believe I would need to keep track of which Alert was executed so the AlertObjectID or AlertActiveID is needed as well.

There are several similar posts to this issue, however, I cannot find this addressed within the same powershell script

Any help is greatly appreciated.