Create tab on the node page that is unique to that node and pr someway to display visio drawings?

Hi there,

I'm trying to add a tab to all my nodes which is unique to that node. i have 1000+ nodes and want to add our design drawings for that circuit to a separate tab that techs will be able to reference.  The problem i'm having is when I add a tab that tab and whatever i put in it is shared among all devices.  Is there to have the added tab info be unique to one node particular?  if not here is what i'm attempting to do. maybe some of you have tried something similar with success.

We have drawings in vizio of our circuits and i want them accessible within solarwinds preferably in the node view on a tab.  I tried adding an orion map and uploading a jpg and that works, but every node will have the same map that way.  I then tried using custom HTML to point to a file share but the same issue is occuring where once i change that on any nodes all nodes reflect the difference.  (also i'd have to convert 1000s of vsd files to jpg...)

Does anyone have solutions or work arounds to these issues?


  • Hello,

    The behavior you describe is the use of the default node details view which applies to the majority of nodes in Orion. When you add a new tab, it is displayed for all nodes using this view. The view cannot be changed for an individual node but can be changed for a specific group of device types. http://serverip/Orion/Admin/ViewsByDeviceType.aspx 

    Have you tried using marcos such as <h1> I am Node: ${NodeID} and my caption is ${Caption}</h1>. This may help you display the filename based on the selected node.

  • Expanding on Tony's macro suggestion, I once had a client who was essentially an MSP that took pictures of where their assets were physically located in client sites so that later on when the techs had to go back they'd be able to find things more easily. They wanted those photos to show up as a tab on node details so the method we cooked up was to create a custom property called sitecode, saved all the pictures inside their SW server with a file path that was something to the effect of /pictures/sitecode/img001.jpg -> img010.jpg. and then on our custom tab we used the custom html widget to just embed all the photos for each site as img src="/pictures/${sitecode}/img001.jpg" etc. If your node didn't have a site code the tab would not have anything but if it did the relevant photos all loaded up pretty nicely. You could probably cook something up using a similar concept.

  • I really appreciate the help. i have one more question and its probably a simple one.  Our install of solarwinds is in C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion

    My image file is in c:\pictures\

    When I try and use custom HTML to a file on that server named image1.jpg for example, i can't link to it correctly using <img src="/pictures/image1.jpg">  

    The above is just a blank box. It must be a really simple mistake but don't know what it is.

    I tried going back directories with ./ and ../ and i tried putting the file in C:\inetpub\solarwinds\orion\pictures and using <img src="/Orion/pictures/filename.jpg"> 

    but that none of that worked either.

    edited for clarity