Solarwinds NPM 2019.4 Solarwinds.Orion.LogMgmt.SyslogService Memory 96% Utilization 64GB memory VM


About once a week I have to stop and start the service as the Memory Utilization pushes my VM to the max with slow response and the latency of the nodes to 1600ms. If I stop the service and restart the service then it goes back to normal. We do use the syslog as our Security Team uses a solution that collects the syslog data from solarwinds NPM. We do not have a kiwi server so we collected only data from our Distribution/Core/DC devices. CPU utilization is at 56% when memory reaches 96% Now that I have stopped the service and started it again sysog sitting at 26GB memory utilization  and going up again with memory for the service at 37% 

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