How do I create KPI modern dashboard for VPN connected user total

We just upgraded to Orion 2020.2. I am looking at the "My Dashboards" feature and want to create the KPI box with all my VPN routers reporting their connected users. My failure I am having is creating the SWQL query to display the data. Would anyone have the layout in the graphical query builder? I am not well versed in SQL or SWQL queries. Any help is much appreciated 

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  •  are you looking for something as simple as the widget below to display a count of users connected?


    If the above is what you are looking to achieve then the below SWQL should give you the desired results.

    count ([data].[RemoteAccessSessions].[UserName]) AS [Number]
    FROM orion.asa.node AS data
    where [data].[RemoteAccessSessions].[EncryptionAlgorithm] = 1
    and ([data].[RemoteAccessSessions].[NodeId] = XXX or [data].[RemoteAccessSessions].[NodeId] = XXX)
    and [data].[RemoteAccessSessions].[DisconnectedTime] is null

    Where the XXX is the Solarwinds NodeID of your ASA Devices, in our situation we only have 2 of then, but if you have 5 then you will have to expand this line to cover all 5 devices.

  • Does anyone have any tips on getting this type of information when using FTD2110 instead of ASA? I've been bruising my forehead hitting my desk looking for an answer 

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