How to Display Fahrenheit teperature for Cisco Devices in a Report

I found old threads on this, but no solution. Is the any way to convert the Celsius temperatures so they display in Fahrenheit on the report. I can do the conversion in an Alert message, but I can't see how to do the same thing in a report. And by the way, why are the Hardware Sensor values in Fahrenheit when viewed on the Manage Hardware Sensors page, but they still report in Celsius? What kind of sense does that make?

  • The values are pulled from the device in celsius as that's the metric the Cisco MIB uses.

    The hardware health widget can be configured to show the values in celsius or fahrenheit (by editing the widget) or under the Hardware section in your account settings (edit your account in Manage Accounts).

    The report is most likely just showing what is in the database (which would be the raw celsius stats). If you wanted to see them in fahrenheit, you might be able to replicate the report as SQL or SWQL with a calculation that converts C to F... (similar to what you're doing in your alert)

    I don't know if there is an easier setting I'm just not familiar with as none of my installs use it (I'm not in the US).

    *cough* the US should join the rest of the world in using the metric system *cough*