Report on WAN Interfaces - receive / transmit Bps every 5 minutes for last day

I am very much a newbie to Solarwinds and Orion. I have been tasked with building a report for to include all of our WAN interfaces that will show receive and transmit bps ever 5 minutes for the last day. We are looking to export this information on a daily basis with the idea of building a dashboard in Tableau to include with other metrics outside of Solarwinds.

I see Average receive and average transmit as well as peak and min, but hoping to take the raw data out to have min/max calculated in the dashboard. 

I'm even struggling to match up what somebody has already built on a dashboard, that I can export to csv show up in a similar report fashion.

Any help would be appreciated. Attached is a sample extract from the dashboard for last 7 days, every 15 minutes (I'm just trying to do the last day every 5 minutes) that I would like to replicate in report form within Orion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

sample dashboard.xlsx
  • If you got that data by Exporting a chart to Excel, then just change the chart to Sample Interval to 5 minutes and it will break out the data. The kicker here is default polling interval for interfaces is every 9 minutes, so unless you are polling these specific interfaces every 5 minutes there will not be enough data to fulfill your requirement. Also, make sure your device is configured to show you data on that same timeline. Some devices are not set for a 5-minute interval by default and if you only adjust the polling interval within Orion you may see the same data polled twice. In addition, if you are not already polling all interfaces on a 5-minute interval, only change the interfaces you need this from (edit these specific interfaces to change the polling interval), as a global change from 9 to 5 minutes for Detailed Interface Statistics will almost double your data table size.


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  • Another point to throw in, tableau is totally capable of forming a direct link with the SQL database and using the data there directly for reporting and visualization. Have the business analyst just take want they want right from the source so you don't have to fuss around with spreadsheets and intermediate reports.
  • Hi. Thanks for your feedback. Just a point of clarification, I don't have a chart built. There is a dashboard that has this information. I don't have access to modify the dashboard and presume there isn't a way to convert to a report. Should I just start by building the details in a chart?