Creating a new table for longer storage of certain hourly and daily stats for nodes and interfaces


We have maybe 30 -50 interfaces that are designated as needing longer term storage of hourly and daily stats that the default times.

For instance. If we know a certain nodeID or intreface ID I see the hourly tables.. those are pretty straightforward

but the daily tables. i see one for each week.. but the weeks go past the current day and are not populated in the most recent 

3 tables.

Where are the daily stat being kept for example .. 2 days ago?

I appreciate your help and viewing Capture.PNG

  • The raw data is stored in the InterfaceTraffic_Details_x tables.

    When the raw data is summarised into hourly (after 7 days by default), it goes into the InterfaceTraffic_Hourly_x tables. 

    When the hourly data is summarised into daily (after 30 days by default), it goes into the InterfaceTraffic_Daily_x tables.

    So you won't have any daily data statistics newer than 30 days, or hourly statistics newer than 7 days.

    There are some views that combine all the data from the tables:

    • InterfaceTraffic_Detail (view) - all the detail tables
    • InterfaceTraffic_Hourly (view) - all the hourly tables
    • InterfaceTraffic_Daily (view) - all the daily tables
    • InterfaceTraffic (view) - ALL of the interface traffic tables
  • Is this still accurate as of 2020.2? We upgraded at the beginning of the month and we noticed that InterfaceTraffic_Details only contains data older than the time of the upgrade. It was being used by another team to extract data, store it to a data warehouse to be used for long-term reports.