Report configured alerts

How do I get a report on configured alerts with evaluation frequency, trigger condition, condition must exist for and email addresses ?
  • I would suggest using Orion SDK to work on building customized scripts to pull information from the database to populate your report.  You may have to do some of it by hand.  

  • I use a very simple sql pull.  This get me the basics.  I try and use the description field, things like "2 mins / >75% / exist 10 mins".  poll every 2 mins for greater then 75% and must exist for 10 mins.  Again simple but it gets me started.  And audit like it too

    I think I know what you are wanting, a report that has the same sort of information that is displayed after the creation of the alert, good luck, that report has been asked for for years now.  But hopefully this SQL pull will get you started.

    SELECT A.AlertID
    FROM AlertConfigurations AS A
    WHERE Enabled = 'TRUE'
    ORDER BY Name ASC 

    Hope this is of help as a starting point.

  • so - did you ever get a report / query to find what you were after? looking for the same thing.

  • Looking for the same thing...what table contains the alert trigger details??