Custom Poller for Palo Alto CPS Per Zone

Trying to baseline my CPS and according to PAN: "Use your own management tools to poll the following three MIBs to gather historical CPS data: PanZoneActiveTcpCps, PanZoneActiveUdpCps, and PanZoneOtherIpCps. Poll every 10 seconds (the firewall updates the MIBs at 10 second intervals). "

I want a historical graph showing those three MIBs PER ZONE (outside, inside, dmz). The problem is that the graph just shows the individual MIB so I have no idea what zone it is for or if it is for all zones combined? There is also a MIB called panZoneName that contains the names of each zone but if I graph it, it doesn't show the names....just dots across the bottom.


This is what I WANT to have:

It also doesn't seem like I can set a poller to poll any less that 1 minute? When I create the custom poller it forces me to use minutes.