Can Solarwinds report and track Cisco AnyConnect VPN sessions on an ASA? If so, how?

I'd like to be able to show increases and decreases of Cisco AnyConnect client VPN sessions, and also Clientless VPN's, attaching to my ASA over hours and days.

The ASA ASDM GUI itself only provides a snapshot in time, and it has to be refreshed for another single view of the counts.

The CLI has the option to "show vpn-sessiondb anyconnect", but the output is far too detailed for my purposes.  It includes the users' names, public IP's, Login Time, Duration, etc.  All I want is the simple count of sessions as they ebb and flow, tracked on a chart on a per-hour or per-minute basis.

Can I configure Solarwinds NPM (or NCM) to poll & collect & track this information in a Report or Chart?  If so, how?

Swift Packets to you all!

Rick Schroeder