Orion Maps - how do I add a specific map to a specific group

Pretty much as the title states, and probably I'm missing something really obvious.

So I've created a specific map - let's call it 'Map ABC' in Orion maps as I want to keep an eye on how this side of things is developing. I've even saved the map as Map ABC.

Now how do I get this map to display in a specific group called 'Map ABC Group'?

To add to the above, I have added a page / tab in the left hand side popout called "Orion Map" for the group, and I want to display this specific map, for this specific group, and only in this group. As a bonus, it would be nice if said map was available from any node in this group without any extra effort, but not essential.


EDIT: would be real nice if  this was dynamic and based on the group name a la Atlas, so that I don't have to do it for each, and every group.

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