Report: Node count by Operating System

My boss is asking for a report that shows the number of nodes by operating system.  I might be over-thinking this, but I just can't get the results that I need.  Does anyone have a SWQL or SQL query already built that fits or is close to this criteria?

I'll keep working on it in the meantime.


  • Someone might be able to write this SWQL better but here you go this was done as a table in the dashboards

    SELECT Count (n.MachineType) as [OS],n.MachineType
    FROM Orion.Nodes n
    Group by MachineType


  • That's pretty much what I came up with as well.

    If you're after something basic:

    SELECT Nodes.MachineType AS [OS], COUNT(*) AS [Node Count]
    FROM Orion.Nodes Nodes
    WHERE Nodes.Vendor = 'Windows'
    GROUP BY Nodes.MachineType
    ORDER BY [Node Count] DESC

    I removed the WHERE clause for this screenshot in my lab instance.


    This will give you a list of all the Windows OS, e.g. Windows 2019 Server, Windows 2016 Server, etc. You can modify the WHERE clause to include other vendors or remove the line and you'll get every node in the system (network devices, etc). 

    There is the default Total Nodes by Type resource that shows the same thing, you can add a filter to that resource.



  • This looks great, but is there also a way to do this for a specific City, Datacenter or Group?