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(SNMP view Issue)solarwinds network performance monitor with SNMP view Issue


I have configured snmp view on cisco switch,  but the solarwinds failes to monitor it, while there is no issues with PRTG.

The snmp view configuration as follows:

snmp-server view example sysUpTime.0 included
snmp-server view example ifEntry.*.63 included
snmp-server view example ifMtu.63 excluded
snmp-server view example  entPhysicalEntry.*.63 included

snmp-server community communityname view example  RO

snmp-server host x.x.x.x version 2c communityname

* there is no reachibility issues 

* At first time with PRTG it wasnt works then I descovered its depends on Uptime after that it worked fine with me, Is there any spesific info that Solarwinds dends on it ?