Solarwinds SQL DB Licensing

I've combed through Thwack trying to find an answer, but alas, no luck. We are needing to upgrade our SQL DB backend for NPM and NTA from 2012 to 2017. I am soooo confused by the licensing. Solarwinds takes a neutral stance on this and I get that Microsoft doesn't really have clear answers either. I can't get a straight answer from my IT dept either!

Two options:

  • Core
  • SW license + CAL per user

I have pricing for both, but the murky part is what/who would need a CAL license? The devices checking in that cause the data to be written to the db? Every user who logs into the webpage? Every server that touches the DB (NTA, NPM)?

Also, what cores am I licensing? I've heard if this is a VM I have to license all the hosts cores, which makes this stupid expensive, but if it is just the cores of the VM I'd rather do that just to cover all my bases.

Anyone have any insight on moving forward with this?

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