How do I rectify brother printer offline problem?

Brother printer is one of the most popular brands, which is specially known for the best printing performance. This printing machine is a top-quality product that is making each user happy and satisfied. When I go for a printing command to my brother printer, I am experiencing brother printer offline issue. Brother printer offline is one of the most difficult problems, which is making me more worrying.  I am attempting to find out the actual reasons of this offline error, but I don’t know completely about this technical error. Can you suggest the easy methods to sort out this offline problem?

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  • I've had the exact same printer as you for a long time and occasionally have this problem, even though my firmware is up to date and the deep sleep function is turned off. I set my printer's IP address to static about two years ago, and no matter what I do, I still have this problem. It'll work fine for weeks or months at a time, then when I try to print, I'll get a "printer offline" prompt out of nowhere. I also check as many helpful guide as I can from ( At this point, I've just accepted it and restart the printer whenever it happens, which seems to be a fairly common occurrence with this model. It doesn't happen often enough to bother me yet; it's just an annoying quirk for someone else.