Is it possible to create a report to list all the nodes that a universal device poller has been assigned to?

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to SolarWinds and could use some help. I've created a universal device poller to poll for specific OID and now I would like to create a report to list all of the nodes that I selected, in the Orion Universal Device Poller tool when creating the new poller. I'm looking for this because I'm not really sure if when we add new nodes if they are automatically selected or if I have to manually go back into the Orion UDP tool and select then as they are added to our network.

Thank you!


  • You should be able to add the pollers during the discovery process (one of the tabs you will be brought to unless it's only when you use Add Node) if I remember correctly or add them via UnDP like you did before.

    If you'd like to report on them, this SWQL query would return the caption of all of the nodes with ANY UnDPs assigned:

    SELECT DISTINCT cpon.node.Caption

    FROM Orion.NPM.CustomPollerAssignmentOnNode cpon

    This one would return the same, but for specific pollers if you'd like to filter for that:

    SELECT DISTINCT cpon.node.Caption, cpon.CustomPoller.UniqueName

    FROM Orion.NPM.CustomPollerAssignmentOnNode cpon

    where cpon.CustomPoller.UniqueName like '%<poller name>%'

    Kind of just diving in with the SWQL queries  so if you haven't seen them before and have questions let me know.