Cisco Switches, Fan Monitoring, Universal Device Polling, OIDs...Step by step for me the New Guy.

Hello Thwack Community,

I am in the process of pushing the limits of what Solarwinds can do for the school system I work for.  I want to monitor the fan status of my core Cisco Switches (4500E).  I downloaded the latest MIBs from Solarwinds, installed them on our Solarwinds server (via the instructions) and now I'm trying (without any success) to monitor more than just UP or DOWN of the online status of our devices.

Can someone point me in the right direction?  A 101...step-by-step guide to do a simple...very simple UnDP example on a Cisco Switch???   (I don't care what OID...I just want a WIN...I've been striking out on this topic.)

Thank you in advance for any guidance the Thwack Community can show me.

  • Hi bmuster,

    Just for clarification, could you please provide us with the details of your setup, mainly what version NPM are you running?

  • Hello Deltona,

    NPM 11.0.1

    Thank you.

  • Ok,

    First off you need to confirm that you are monitoring the core switches using SNMP. To do that, click on the Node in question and in the Management resource, click Edit Node.

    Confirm that the Polling Method is set to "Most Devices". You will need to provide the SNMP community string. If you don't know what that it is then google "enable snmp on cisco 4500E"

    Assuming you are already monitoring the Node using SNMP, click on the List Resources button in the Management resource for that switch. Give it a moment to list all elements that can be monitored. If it times out or returns an error then you may have provided the wrong SNMP community.

    If all the elements load then make sure to select the Hardware Health box and Submit. Hit the Rediscover followed by Poll Now. After a few minutes you should see new resources on the Node Details page that give you Power and Fan details. They may be on the Vital Stats or Network side tabs.

    Let me know how it pans out, or if you've already gone through the above mentioned points.

  • If you do need to create a Universal Device Poller (UnDP) for additional stats not covered by the native Hardware Health monitoring, try watching these two videos to get you started.

    You will still need to determine the correct OIDs for what you want to poll but the steps above are generally the same

  • Here is a guide I created for Palo Altos.  The devices are different but the process is very similar.

    Custom Poller - Palo Alto Firewalls HA Status.pdf

  • You shouldn't need to use a custom poller to get fan status on a 4500 I don't believe...   On the node summary under the resource "Current Hardware Health" it should show "Temperature" and "Other".  Expand the "Other" and it should show you the fan status.   This is from a 4507 on our network.


    If it isn't showing up, go to "List Resources" on the node and make sure that "Hardware Health Sensors" is selected.

  • Hi Deltona,

    Yes on the SNMP / most devices settings. NPM 11.0.1 is the version I’m using. I have download and installed the latest MIBs from Solarwinds onto the server. I have ran the UnDP program from the server as well and try to implement some temperature predefined OIDs, but I am not seeing any results with I rediscover and poll the device. I have the temperature monitors added to my view. I was also contacted by a gentle named Paul from Solarwinds Technical Support he states that he is from the Utah office. He offered me a GoTo meeting…I just wrote back to him with my contact information.

    Support Case # 711972

    Deltona, I need a goto meeting…because I’m missing something in the procedure.

    Thank you for contacting me.

  • Thanks Luttrell…I will watch the videos you sent me.

    Greatly appreciate the help.

  • Thank you CourtesyIT. I will give it a try.

    Greatly appreciate the assist.

  • Thank you Mr. Norborg.

    I am able to get the Power Supply 1 & 2 Fan status to show, but not the temperature. And yes, you are absolutely right…I recently myself discovered that I shouldn’t need the UnDP.

    I have a SolarWinds Tech. setting up a GoTo meeting…because I am missing a step or something in the procedure.

    Thank you for the information.

    Great Weekend.